Digital Dictation: Are You Taking Advantage?

As analogue based methods of digitations are becoming obsolete, many people are making way for digital dictation as an attractive and affordable replacement option.

What is digital dictation?

Voice recorders are gadgets relied on by many professionals including those in the legal and medical fields. This method of dictation allows professionals to record their words easily and ready to be transcribed into documents. Certain voice recorders also allow you to go back and edit the spoken words if necessary. Transferring your digital file to a transcriber is extremely quick and easy to do.

Time can be a big challenge and with the best will in the world managing time can be very difficult. The fast pace of the working environment requires many of us to be flexible and adapt to changing environments. Taking notes accurately needs to be done straight away before the message gets lost.

Dictation is therefore very popular allowing lawyers and medics for example to organise their thoughts on the move as they carry on through their busy day. When used correctly it allows accurate and precise accounts to be documented in reports and documents.

If you are planning to use dictation you may realise that setting the digital software to record is only half the battle as the other half of the battle is recording your words in a meaningful manner so for them to get the right message across to the transcriber.

If you want a useable document whether it is a transcription of a meeting, contract or even a letter then a clear recording is the way forward. There is massive time and cost savings to be achieved if the tips below are followed:

Speak Clearly

Although this can often be difficult at times to do and requires some concentration especially when you are trying to get all your thoughts down. But if you choose to speak in a rushed and unclear manner the words can get jumbled together making it difficult for the transcriber to interpret. Speaking at an appropriate level with a clear tone will ensure the correct message is portrayed.

Minimise background noise

It can be very difficult to remove background noise especially if recording a meeting but beware of noise such as air conditioning, radios, fans and street traffic which are known to make the recording very difficult to understand. By being aware of this noise and standing away from it if possible will have a massive improvement on the sound quality.

One person at a time, please

Especially during a meeting recording can be very difficult as it is needed for one person to speak at a time, when people are speaking over each other the recording can become complex and confusing. Allow people to be heard.

Digital dictation and transcription has gone up a notch. It is now possible to record your thoughts from a meeting and have them sent to your transcriber in minutes. Digital dictation has become quick and convenient.

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