Getting Your Book on CreateSpace Print-on-Demand

Self-publishing has become an increasingly popular option for writers to get their titles out in the world, as it offers many benefits over traditional publishing means. One of the most popular self-publishing platforms out there today is Amazon’s CreateSpace which offers a user-friendly platform for self-publishing.

When it comes to self-publishing, there are a number of benefits. For example, it offers you the highest level of creative control throughout the process of publishing your book. It also allows you the opportunity to get a greater sense of how to effectively promote and market your book. In addition, you can add updated versions of your book with much greater ease than you would be able to through traditional publishing means.

While self-publishing through CreateSpace may have its pros, it’s still important to understand how the process works. Use this guide to effectively get your book on CreateSpace Print-on-Demand and begin selling your title.

Complete Your Book

Of course, you can’t get your book on CreateSpace if it’s not even completed. So, make sure your book has been written, edited and contains all of the important parts, such as the copyright page, table of contents, dedication, introduction, acknowledgements and resources. For the formatting, you can either prepare each of these files on your own, or use our professional services at Help on Tap to format your book so it is print ready, so you can easily upload your book onto CreateSpace with confidence that it will look great.

Setting Up Your Book

After you have finished writing and formatting your book, you can begin the setup process on CreateSpace. Here, you will follow the steps to input the title, credits and description. You will also be choosing the colour of paper and the size of your book. Then, you will upload your interior and cover files. When setting up your book on CreateSpace, you will also need to decide whether you will be going with a free ISBN which will be assigned by CreateSpace or to pay for your own ISBN. It is probably only worthwhile to pay the fee for your own ISBN if you are intending to distribute your title with a traditional publisher, re-publishing your book in the future or choosing a publisher company name for your book.

Submit Your Book To Be Reviewed

Once you’ve set up your book to be published, you will need to submit it to CreateSpace for review. The team will then look over all of your files to make sure it is properly completed in order to print. Should they notice any problems, they will email you to let you know any files need to be re-submitted. It typically takes as much as 24 hours for your book to be reviewed. Once the process has been completed, you can check over a proof copy to make sure your book is ready before putting it up for sale. At this point, it’s best to have a few people review your book to make sure it’s ready to be sold.

Distribute Your Book

As soon as you’re ready to put your book up for sale, you can set its price and calculate the royalties you will get from its sales using the available royalty calculator. Once you are satisfied with the price, you can select your distribution channels, such as the CreateSpace eStore or You can also choose the Expanded Distribution Channel which makes your title available to potentially thousands of online and retail outlets should they decide to pick it up.

All in all, Amazon’s CreateSpace print-on-demand is an excellent option for self-publishing your book in hardcopy format. Use this guide to get started self-publishing your book as soon as you have it completed.