How to Successfully Self-publish Your Book on Kindle

As self-publishing is finally being realised as a viable tool for getting your writing out there, more and more authors are becoming successful by self-publishing on Kindle. It’s no surprise, either. After all, Amazon has huge power in the book market, and its platform also makes it incredibly easy to access a huge potential customer base. Successfully self-publishing your book on Kindle is easy with these simple steps:

1. Write Your eBook.

In order to publish your eBook, you need to write it first, of course! When writing your eBook, give yourself three drafts to help organise the process. The first draft should include the basis of your content, including your ideas for each chapter and the Table of Contents. Once you have all of your ideas written down, start developing all of the content for your eBook and get feedback along the way. For your final draft, you should work with an editor to make sure your eBook has the right style, structure and grammar.

2. Design and Format Your eBook.

Once your eBook has been written and edited, it’s time to design and format it. You should begin preparing your cover and formatting your eBook, so it follows the Kindle format. If you aren’t a graphic designer yourself, it’s best to have a professional designer for your cover and eBook. After all, you want to have the most success possible with your product. Find out more about getting your eBook Kindle-ready.

3. Publish Your eBook.

After you’re happy with the content and design of your eBook, you can start the process of publishing it on Amazon. To self-publish your Kindle eBook, it takes several, simple steps. You will want to sign into, register your tax information to receive royalties, fill out the form for adding a new title to the marketplace, upload the cover and book files, test your book with the available viewer, save your book, review it, choose the rights and pricing, and finally, save and publish your eBook on Kindle.

4. Promote Your eBook.

Now that your Kindle eBook has been published, you want to maximise its rewards. So, you should start to generate reviews by sending your book to followers, including your family and friends, who would be willing to write a review of your book. Getting reviews is incredibly important for getting customers interested in your eBook, as it will legitimise your book. Once you have other readers, encourage them to leave reviews, as well.

5. Launch Your eBook.

After you’ve established several reviews of your eBook, you will want to create an effective launch. When launching your Kindle eBook, you should try to reach as many followers as you can, including any blog or email subscribers you have, as well as any family and friends who might be interested. It’s also important to reach new fans, so promote your book on social media, forums, book directories and via word of mouth whenever possible. In order to increase your chances of generating sales early on, you can even offer an incentive for early book buyers.

If you’ve been dreaming of writing a book or publishing your book, now is the time to do it! With Amazon’s Kindle, self-publishing it’s easier than ever and can help you reach the audience you’d only ever dreamed of reaching.