The Process of Ebook Conversion, Publishing and Previewing

Due to the increasing popularity of e-readers over the last few years, the sales of e-books have rocketed. Electronic readers have come a long way since the early days; they are thinner, lighter and they even have inbuilt lights enabling you to read in the dark. Consequently it is no wonder that the sales of e-books continue to rise and there is no signs whatsoever of this abating, in fact quite the opposite. Similarly new models of the tablet and iPad have seen many steadfast paperback readers converting.

Any budding authors who do not want to get left behind and stuck on the shelf, need to get with the times.

The Process of Publishing an Ebook

For those writers who have decided to write an e-book, then what are the next steps? Many are at a loss, especially new authors. Whether it is a novel, recipe book or perhaps your autobiography, you want it to attract an audience and sell!

The first thing you need to consider is the variety of platforms that your e-book will be read on, and more importantly ensure that your ebook presents well on all of them. You need to have a good understanding of HTML and various other areas in order to do this. The conversion and process needed to format it, can be complicated if you have no understanding of it. It can also be a very long and tedious one. This is the reason why so many new, as well as already published authors, turn to professionals like ourselves to do this for them. We ensure your book is converted perfectly, so that it reads and presents well across all platforms.

What are the Various Platforms?

There are a variety of platforms out there and an ebook can appear different in each one. What with Amazon Kindle, Kobo and iBooks to name but a few, a certain process needs to be followed. In the first instance you need to ensure your book is formatted to meet the necessary requirements of each and secondly ensure that it then presents well on all. Remember the content of a book is important, however the presentation and readability of it are equally so.

How Can I Check What My Ebook Looks Like on Each Platform?

Below is a quick guide to the most popular platforms and how to preview your ebook on each:


Amazon Kindle has six different platforms including Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire, Kindle iPad and Kindle iPhone. You can check your book simply by downloading the Kindle Previewer here, please note that there is a separate download for Windows and Intel Mac within the link:
Kindle Previewer

Once you have downloaded the Kindle previewer, you need to open the Kindle Previewer file and then simply select your ebook.


You should already have Kobo installed on your iPhone or iPad, so the simplest way to preview it is to email the file to yourself. Once you have it in your email, when your device asks which program you would like to open it with simply select Kobo and you will be able to preview your ebook.

Kobo have also recently installed a new feature that allows you to click on a ‘Preview Now’ button, where a new window opens to display the content of an ebook. Although this is a lot quicker and easier it does only allow you to view a few pages, not the entire book.


Apple’s built in E-reader, similarly to Kobo, can easily be checked by emailing the ebook to yourself, then selecting the relevant program to open it with.


This is ideal for accessing your ebook and previewing it on your iPad, iPhone, tablet or mobile. Simply download Dropbox here for windows:
Dropbox for Windows
OR for MAC users you can download Dropbox here:
Dropbox for the MAC

Once downloaded, along with your devices, your ebook can be previewed on all.

And finally……now that you have previewed and uploaded your first book, you can sit back and relax as a new chapter of your life begins – as a published author!