Top Five Methods of Recording Meetings

Top Five Methods of Recording Meetings

Olympus DS-7000 Recording Device

If you are the individual responsible for taking meeting minutes within your company, then you will almost definitely understand the importance of recording meetings in case you miss any important details.

Here at Help on Tap, we certainly understand the need for recording meetings, which is why we offer a professional audio transcription service. This allows you to record your meetings in an audio format and then have the hard work of transcribing said audio into text format taken care of by trained professionals. You will be supplied with a full transcription of the entire meeting, so nothing will be missed.

However, it is crucial that recordings are of excellent quality. Grainy, crackly, or unclear recordings mean that the audio intended for transcription will be unintentionally obscured by other sounds – this can lead to the audio recording becoming unreliable for audio transcription, which is the last thing you want.

Investing in a good quality audio recording device and utilising an audio transcription service can save your company a lot of time and money in the long-run. Not only that, but using an audio recording of a meeting means that you can preserve the details of the conversations in a digital format, and return to the recording in future if necessary.

Help on Tap has provided you with a list of the top five audio recording devices available on the current market. This means that with a small investment from your company you can ensure that meetings are recorded at the utmost quality, which in turn allows us to provide you with premium quality audio transcription services time-after-time.

We have attempted to select a range of devices to suit all budgets. Here are our top five, in no particular order.

Top Five Audio Recording Devices

Number 5: Martel Portable 4-Microphone CD recorder

Price: £970.00

Martel Portable 4 microphone CD recorder

Although the Martel Portable 4-Microphone CD Recorder may seem to be a bit on the expensive side, it is an essential piece of kit if you need to record hard copies of recordings for compliance purposes.

The device is shipped with 4 professional, multi-directional microphones that record simultaneously, so you can be sure you are collecting audio data from all four corners of the room. It will record a meeting directly to CD, which is inserted into the front of the unit, and so is ideal not only for meetings, but also for police interviews.

The unit features battery backup so your recording will not be interrupted in the event of a power outage.

Number 4: Philips DVT8000 Voice Tracer

Price: approximately £149.00

Philips DVT8000 Voice Tracer

The Philips DVT8000 is an excellent method of recording your meetings on a budget. The low price-tag means that you can get high-quality 360° recording in an office or meeting room via the innovative microphone attachment.

The device has several innovative features such as a handy pre-record function, which allows the voice tracer to start recording automatically, meaning you can engage fully in the meeting without having to worry about operating the device.

The device comes with 4GB of online storage, but also features a MicroSD slot so you can be rest assured you won’t run out of recording space.

Number 3: Olympus VP-10

Price: £76 approximately

Olympus VP-10 Recording Device

If portability is the key, or you are looking for a low-cost, high quality recording device, then the Olympus VP-10 would make a great option. The slim, pen-like design allows the device to be stored neatly away in a pocket or drawer and you can carry it around easily thanks to its lightweight design.

The VP-10 can record in three different digital formats – MP3, PCM, or WMA – which makes sending your recordings for audio transcription a simple task, and the battery life is excellent. The only drawback with the device is the storage. There is 4gb of internal memory, but this can’t be upgraded with any additional memory cards.

Number 2: Shure MV88

Price: £120 approximately

Shure MV88 Recording Device

The Shure MV88 is an excellent device, as it simply converts your existing iDevice or other compatible smart device into a voice recorder. The advantage of this is that you can save and share recordings almost instantaneously. This means you can have the audio transcription of your recording sent back to you even sooner, as you can submit it as soon as the meeting has been closed.

The only disadvantage of this device, and it is a fairly obvious one, is that without a smart device to go with it, there is no use for it. However, it does come with a free app from Shure which records high quality WAV files and so you can be ensured of an excellent clarity of recording.

Number 1: Olympus DS-7000

Price: £410 approximately

Olympus DS-7000 Recording Device

If you’re after an all-singing-all-dancing voice recorder, then the DS-7000 will be exactly what you need. The device comes with a desktop docking station, so it can be placed centrally in a room for optimal recording of a meeting or interview.

The DS-7000 also features a colour display, and USB functionality allowing you to transfer your audio recordings to a desktop PC or a laptop quickly and efficiently. There are even two memory card slots included in the device – MicroSD and SD – which means you can upgrade the memory of the DS-7000 with ease.

The device is capable of recording in a number of formats, including DSS and DS2, which means that you can achieve incredible recording quality – significantly better than MP3. The slide switch on the side of the device offers a simple and effective method of starting and stopping your recordings with just one hand, leaving your other hand free to operate other devices in a meeting setting.

The DS-7000 is built to last, and the casing is crafted from a durable metal material so if you drop the device you know it will be safe from harm. The built-in microphone is perfect for recording a wide range of sounds, and due to the portable nature of the device it can be used on the go should the need arise.

It may have a hefty price-tag, but we think that the Olympus DS-7000 is one of the best voice recorders on the market and will be perfect for providing recordings for audio transcription services.

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